Abstract Submission

Abstract Template

Registration and Abstract Submission

Abstract template is attached to this letter. It will also be available via the conference website.
Abstract(s) should be submitted by e-mail as attached file(s) to the secretariat of conference at the address:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Alexander Nekrasov) with the registration information in the body of the message on the expected participant:
Theme/Subject line: Conference on Electrochemistry-2023
Form of participation: in-person or remote/online
Title of the presenting author: Mr./Ms./Mrs./Dr./Prof.
First name and Family name of the presenting author
Affiliation of the presenting author (including city and country)
E-mail of the presenting author: Please indicate if the expected participant of the conference is a young scientist
(up to 30 years old at the end of 2023): yes or no?
Preferred status of your presentation(s): either 1 oral + 1 poster, or 2 posters Title(s) of presentation(s)
(it may be changed later).
Preferred area of electrochemistry for each presentation

Conference fee and its payment

Expected conference fees of participants of the Frumkin Symposium:

  8 000 Russian rubles - Regular conference fee for on-site/in-person participation;
  4 000 Russian rubles - Conference fee of young participant (up to 30 years on 31.12.2023) for on-site/in-person participation.

The payment of the registration fee allows the participant to publish up to two abstracts (either one oral and one poster, or two posters) in the Book of abstracts as well as to have access to the electronic version of the Book of abstracts and to all oral and poster sessions including coffee-breaks.

The fees should be paid on-site in cash in Moscow at the opening of the conference. The final (indexed) version of the Book of abstracts will only include abstracts of participants who have paid the registration fee.